All Pit, No Pendulum [EP]

by Cathedral Fever

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released July 28, 2014

Jerry / Vocals
David / Guitar
Derek / Bass
Spencer / Drums+Vocals

Recorded by Matt Koch
Artwork by Dave Watt



all rights reserved


Cathedral Fever Missouri

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Track Name: Spiders Encircle
Through the tangles of unacquainted terrain / a stretch of boneyard where my carcass remains / debts that I owe remain to be paid / pilfer my being here from beyond the grave / growing pale

The mercury convoy proceeds down the shore / adorned in ornate bones for their anxious contingency

Pull back your veil, queen of obscure restoration

Animal skin drums set a fanatical pace / for the choir to chant, inciting the craze / rest on my crown the lamb’s hollow skull / no climbing back from the depths I was pulled / growing pale
Track Name: Monolithic Rapture
Ebony abyss / ocean destroyed / hell mouth engulfs / replacing the void / held by the wind / over a precipice / of black jagged rocks / beyond the vapor trail / ten thousand feet above the ground / hum of the vortex, a stifling sound

Leviathans roar, shriek of the sea / calling to bury my soul in the deep

Swamp eating grin / briny lungs respire the hymn / and poison the mist / to earth’s every rotten brim

A maelstrom of days propel through my sight / flash by in a haze, a tease of foreboding insight / trace the ground just before it caves
Track Name: Black Ark Cometh
"It’s cold / beyond our mother shore," / breathed the old man / from his time torn throat

Aged tongue / loosened with each pull / of the bootleg rye / I had slipped in his hand

The air here is seasoned with the rust of our temples / the ash of our script, how it painted my eyes the night we were ministered / our drastic / deliverance / send every child to their grave

I was the sovereign / of a humble people / Gentle my rule / sympathetic my hand / barren the womb / of our ocean / arid were the grounds / which secured our harvest

Came a vessel / of astounding antiquity / enveloped in an aura of grey / flying a flag of unknown origins

Eccentric initiation / a high priest / with a bizarre penchant for exotic deviltry / I confided in him my concerns for my people and home

I was enlightened of / a wild spectre / who trode upon our grounds / and his displeasure / our long divorcing him / our prayers and rituals / he thrust before my eyes / old tattered manuscript

In characters far removed / from decipherable alphabets

Expiation in blood / Salvation in fire

It’s cold
Track Name: Synthetic Echo
Dust coated replica theater across which to drag / what’s left of my pale weary ghost

A slumberless expiration left there to hang / untellingly ‘til the twilight calls me home

Cascade of mirrors encircling me / reflecting postmortem portraiture / fixed frames in time irrevocably stiff / my every amore is just a mocking apparition
Track Name: Oblivion Bed
What keeps you here? / Is it residual purpose that shackles you down / or are you a slave / to some spell surpassing hand?

Ancients spoke / ancestral lore / of a moth eaten ghoul / whom the reaper ignored

Oblivion bed on which to recline / my cold splintered bones and time tested spine

Dissatisfied architect / appraiser of inadequate virtue / infinite hours left to reflect / on the end I so achingly call to

All pit / and not a pendulum / in sight / to cut me out
Track Name: Cavern of the Rapid Eye
Cool air carries / whispers of feral deities

Moonbeams move me / call me to wander empty hours

Depart friendly threshold / heels dragging the parched grass / molest the dense growth for hints of a clear path

Serpentine obscuring trees / capture a glance of his frailness encloaked

Displacing the ivory sigil / unearthing the yawning hollow

Descending / colossal depths

Met with the underbelly / hear the stone grinding back to seal me in / silence takes hold before the cavern erupts

Ectoplasmic palms press upon my wrists / as I’m stolen away by a phantom’s grip / and pulled into a subterranean maze

Pushing through the dirt, grasping at roots / feeling possessed, propelled by a ghost / before breaking through the forest floor

Rise up from the marsh, pounded by the rain / Impossible I had descended so far
Track Name: Reprisal at the Dawn of Genesis
Asleep with the relics of old on my chest / I plunge into slumber / and hope for the best / and should I awake from such transient rest / with firmness I plant these inaugural steps

Come to in a charnel house / oppressive webs stretch and tear / evoking these antique muscles / call my bones to the stand

Aboard / incorporeal caravans / I return home, the funereal citadel / reclaim my throne / retrace my steps through the faulty crust / paths once scribed on maps of dust / scattered in time when the fifth wind blows

Now that the corpses of the fiends who overthrew have burned / defying time, death, and space, your lord has returned / and in time I converted every non-believer / to a black satin robe in my cathedral of fever